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Mazatlan is one of the best sportfishing locations in the world. 7 out the 9 species reserved for sport fishing worldwide. Are available in the waters around Mazatlán. The fishing is excellent all year for Marlin & Sailfish, we are located 200 miles across Cabo San Lucas in the Sea of Cortez, Pacific Ocean, Fish are abundant all year round in these waters the wonderful weather in Mazatlán, make it the perfect destination to practice sportfishing, with approximately 1,000 Sailfish and Marlin caught in annually, it´s obvious why Sports Fishing magazine named Mazatlan one of the top 10 sport fishing destinations in the world. Thousands of anglers visit each year and try to break the 2006 ,850 pound, 12 foot Blue Marlin caught by Ricardo Somoza, Captain of The Escualo Fleet 36 Feet Betsy Cruiser. The fight was 8 hours long.