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Mazatlan offers such a diverse fishing experience all year long. From pelagic species like marlin, mahi, tuna, swordfish, sailfish, to the inshore species like red snapper, white seabass, jack crevalle, permit, rooster fish, grouper and snook. 

The type of fish varies from season to season; the summer months (may-nov) are usually best for the pelagic species, the arrival of the mahi-mahi around may brings a lot of action to the deep sea trip. Its strength, consistency of catch and amazing fighting capabilities make mahis one of the best sportfishing species. 

The winter months can still be good for deep sea but the inshore fishing seems to concentrate most of the action. There is a great variety of spots that will suit every type of angler, from shipwrecks, to outer reefs, to FAD's. Whether it's your first time fishing or you have decades of experience, Mazatlan has all the right elements for a great trip you will remember for years.