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Mazatlan offers a huge variety of spots for bottom fishing. There's dozens of submerged reefs that often have many great fish like Red Snapper, Snook, White Seabass, Trigger fish, Grouper, Jack Crevalle, permit and the ultimate surf warrior Rooster fish. There are also lots of shipwrecks that are incredibly fun to fish. A typical day bottom fishing starts at our docks. The captain will greet you and introduce you to his deckhand. Departure is at 6:30 sharp and it takes about 30 minutes to get to the first spot. The captain will choose the one that's produced the best results in recent days, you will fish there for a bit to see what is happening there. If there isn't much action at a particular spot the boat will go to another one until an epic fishing spot is found and until every angler on board is happy. 

Any angler knows that using live bait is unbeatable, specially shrimp. Your chances increase dramatically. As of february 2016 we can now have live shrimp delivered right to our docks the morning of departure. This is offered by a third party at an additional cost, typically around 1 dlls for 2 shrimp. Please may vary depending on supply so please contact us one ahead of time. 

26 ft Super Panga:                  $300 dlls (4 guests)
28 ftPremium Super Panga:   $350 dlls (5 guests)
34 ft cruiser :                           $550 dlls (6 guests) 
36 ft cruiser :                           $600 dlls (8 guests)  
38 ft cruiser :                           $800 dlls (10 guests)
Includes all tackle and bait, ice, insurance and all taxes. Total duration of trip is 6 1/2 hours. Departs at 6:30 am.
Call us at our office for information or booking, (669) 913 0303 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.