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 Humpback whales travel thousands of miles every year winter to get the Mazatlan shores to breed. They feed all summer in the polar region, but as soon as december starts they make their way south and reach the Mazatlan around december. They are usually close to shore, up to 1 mile. There are few things that compare to watching a creature like the humpback whale from up close. At Escualo Fleet we provide daily trips on a wide variety of boats to suit almost any budget. All our vessels carry a hydrophone aboard so you can hear how the whales are communicating. We have a marine biologist on board also that helps the captain spot them and also explains what the whales are doing. This trip is highly recommended for families and nature lovers. Season is from December to april, so don't miss out. 


Super Panga:                    $250 dlls (4 guests)  
Premium Super Panga:   $250 dlls (4 guests) 
34 ft cruiser :                    $400 dlls (8 guests) 
36 ft cruiser :                    $500 dlls (10 guests)  
38 ft cruiser :                    $600 dlls (12 guests) 
Departure 7:30 am. Duration 4 1/2 hrs.