Mazatlan Fishing Report

Get the latest reports on what's been biting in the Mazatlan area. Check out our Mazatlan Fishing Report to learn what we have been catching, what lures or bait we are using and where the action has been. Stay tuned for the latest information and photos.

Katie Arnestad & Brian Wise

Striped marlin 90lbs 7 1/2 feet Seattle Washington Minnesota! Striped marlin 60 lbs 6 feet

Mike Anderson

Striped marlin 7 1/2 feet 90 lbs Canadá!

Angel Rodríguez

Striped Marlin 100lbs 8 feet General Bravo Nuevo León

Family Rogers

Mahi-Mahi good fishing Montana

Gerardo Faz Colin

Bleu Marlin 250 Lbs San Luis Potosi

Kelly Jakovac

Striped marlin 110 lbs 8 feet Idaho

Troy Torres

Blue Marlin 250 Lbs Spanaway Washington

Mr. Tim from

Mahi-Mahi Olimpia Washington

Vanessa Hughes

Sailfish de 80 Lbs.Seattle Washington 🇺🇸

Ken Linse

Sailfish 90 Lbs. Seattle Washington

Jose Luis BIG FISH

Blue Marlin Saltillo

Torneo Big Fish 2019

First Place Congratulations!! Blue MArlin de 209.95 libras

Jose Martinez

YellowFin tuna Chihuahua México

Shelly Pederson and Family

Yellowfin Tuna Spokane Washington

Kieran Douglas

From Vancuver BC

Isabella Douglas Mutton

Snapper 2 lbs from Vancouver BC

Isabella Douglas

from Vancouver BC Canada

Jim Crawford

Blue marlin 220 lbs & 100 feet Olds Alberta Canada

David Beltrán

sailfish 8 ft. & 80Lbs. Culiacán Sinaloa

Charles Dahlem

MAHI-MAHI(Dorado) 30 libras colorado U.S.A

Humberto y Emilio Jimenez

Sailfish 35 kgms Puebla Mexico

Betsy Lilian y Marcus Eduardo

Sailfish 80K

Alejandro Villarreal

2 Sailfish 40 & 35 kgms Monterrey

Felipe Sanchez & Arturo Garcia

2 Sailfish 7 1/2 feet & 75 lbs Monterrey México

Josh Cozby

Yellowfin & Sailfish tuna Vancouver Washington

Adam Switzer

Sailfish 8 foot 95 LBS. from Virginia U.S.A

Frank knigth

Blue Marlin 7 1/2 feet 100 lbs


Santiago Monterrey

Alberto Escamilla

Sailfish 8 feet 80 lbs of Santiago Monterrey

Mario Sifuentes

Monterrey Blue Marlin (Marlin Azul) 250 Lbs.

Robert Newcomb

Portland Oregon Sailfish (Pez Vela) 90 Lbs.

Robert Newcomb

Big Dorado (Dorado) 40 Lbs. Portlan Oregon

Mitchell Aldrich and Teresa Folsom

Sailthfish 80 Lbs. Portlan Oregon

Teresa folsom

Yellowfin Tuna 25 Lbs. Oregon U.S.A con este

Dean, Jim, Paul

Good Fishing Yellowfin Tuna Southern California

Johnny Fast and his boys

from chihuahua Mexico Mahi-mahis

Megan Berrington

Mahi-mahi  15 Lbs. Phoenix Arizona

Luis Miguel Garcia & Maricela

Yellowfin tuna 30 Lbs. Piedras Negras Coahuila

Marcus Eduardo

Shark 30 LBS Mazatlan Sinaloa México

David Norling & Family

Yellowfin tuna Seatle Washington

Eduardo Mendoza y Ulises Leal

Pez vela 75 LBS Pez Vela 85 LBS

Enrique Novelo

Sailfish 7 1/2 feet 75 lbs de Santiago Nuevo Leon

Compadres Xtream

buena pesca de Tunas Tamaulipas

Juan Mejia

Hermoso Pez Vela de 90 Libras Los Angeles California

Lillian Evelia Y Gerardo Gomez

Dorados Torreon Coahuila

Jose Antonio Brussolo

Sailfish 80lbs 8 1/2 feet Tamaulipas

Horacio Cardenas Montoya

Sailfish 8 1/2 feet 95 lbs Torreon Coahuila

Efrain Alvarez

Dorado de 30 Libras Guadalajara Jalisco

Roberto y Juan Ransom

Marlin azul de 250 libras Chihuahua

Moment of Glory

Blue Marlin 200 Libras Mazatlan

HDI Seguros

Viaje de pesca de Fondo

HDI Seguros

Viaje de pesca de Fondo

Mr. Peter Fryn

Watsonville California U.S.A Marlin azul de 250 libras

Hector Lozano

Rio Texas U.S.A Marlin Rayado de 8 pies 90 Libras

Charles & Lorena

From Colorado Caught Sailfish 80 Lbs.

Raul Granados

Striped Marlin  100 Lbs. Cancun Quintana roo

Carlos Williams Colorado U.S.A

95 lbs sailfish

Fam Rick

sailfish 60 lbs 7 feet

Jose Eduardo Frias Treviño

Striped marlin 8 feet 100 lbs

Marcus Eduardo

Pez Globo(Puffer fish) Catch & Release

Betsy Lilian

Pargo Colmillon ( Black Snapper) de 10Lbs

Victoria Micaela

Pargo Amarillo (Yellow Snapper) 5 Lbs.

Lillian Evelia y Betsy Osuna

Curvina (white Seabass ) 20 Libras

Norman Dotch

100 Lbs 7 feet

Gerardo Acuña

Wahoo de 80 Libras Culiacán

Jose Guadalupe Ramirez

Marlin Rayado de 90 LBS C.D de Mexico

Daniel Leal, Rene Martinez Mexico y Christian Azevedo de Brasil.

Marlin Rayado de 100 lbs

Mark Dissmore

Pullman Washington con un cabrilla Pinta 15 Libras

Mrs. Mark Dissmore

Black Snapper de 40 Lbs moment of Glory

Audrey Pitzer

from Pullman Washington U.S.A ( red grouper 15 libras)

Mary Platta

Minessota U.S.A con una Curvina de 4 kgms

Dan Platta

from Minessota Triggerfish 10 LBS 5 kgms

Buena Pesca

Red Snappers and Triggerfish

Humberto Jimenez jr

White Marlin

Sr. Mark Dissmore

Pesca de Pargo prieto de 15 Libras Pullman Washington

Gary Glace

Striped marlin 100lbs y 7 1/2 feet

Terry ILG

Excellent fishing day, Sailfish 100lbs 8 1/2 feet

Manuel Colio y compañía

Excelente día de pesca. Marlin, Pez Vela & mahi-mahi

Fishing day

Yellowfin tuna.

good fishing day

Marlin & Tuna.

Matt Herper

2 striped marlin 100 lbs y 8 feet! 80 lbs y 7 feet!

Ricky GZ

Monterrey mostrando sus capturas.

Marlin Rayado

capturado abordo de la Marcus Escualo.

Mark Dissmore

Pullman Washington Spottled Grouper 20 lbs

Lori Turner

From Orfino Idaho Cabrilla pinta 10 kgms

John Moser, & son Nick Moser

from Iowa U.S.A. Isabel island on board Miss Mimi

Andrea Lizarraga


John Moser, & Mike Grube

from Iowa U.S.A. Isabel island

Good day of fishing

in the escualo fleet

Yellowfin tuna

Yellowfin Tuna

50 LBS

Betsy & Marcus

Huachinangos Mazatlan, Sin.

more pargos!!

Mazatlan fishing Pargos

Buena pesca en Mazatlan


Russell wilkerson & his son Tyler wilkerson

from Wyoming Mahi-mahi 20Lbs

José Juan Parra & Familia


Mike wilkerson

brown Grouper 20 Lbs From wyoming USA.

David Thiessen

Chihuahua Marlin Rayado kgms 48, Pez vela 42 kgms.

Madeleine Shepherd

Canada Sailfish 8 foot 90 Lbs.

Happy anglers

10 Dic, 2018 Mahi Mahi fishing

Don Stearns & su familia

5 de December, 2018 Blue Marlin 95 Kgs

Betsy Lillian y Marcus Eduardo Rodriguez 

Marlin Azul de 70 Kgm Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México 2 DIC 2018

Angela Gomez & Robert Knobloch

Angela Gomez & Robert Knobloch 26 November, 2018 MAHI MAHI

Rober knobloch

from Minnesota Dorado 40 Libras

Tray Jackson and family

Tray Jackson and family enjoy an epic day of fishing on board of the Betsy 36 ft cruiser.

Ken Tays

Ken Tays gets a nice sailfish 8 pies 80 Lbs just offshore on board of the Marcus Premium Panga.

Angel Soriano & Humberto Jimenez

Angel Soriano of Mzt and Humberto Jimenez of Puebla with this beautiful Dorado of 30 pounds

Alejandro Villarreal and friends

Alejandro Villarreal and friends from Monterrey, good customer of Fleet Escualo, caught Sailfish 90 Pounds

Mr. Dennis Owen

Mr. Dennis Owen Striped Marlin 8 foot long 90 Lbs

Mr. Greg Leneave

Mr. Greg Leneave with this Huge Blue Marlin of 250 Lbs 10 feet Long

Lillian Evelia and Family

Lillian Evelia and Family with this Sailfish of 80 LBS

Ron & friend on board the Escualo III

Ron & friend on board the Escualo III, get the capture of a blue marlin 100lbs, excellent fishing day

Blue Marlin 180 LbS

Luis Alcalde of Washington with this beautiful blue Marlin of 9 feet 180 LbS Congratulations


Shauna fox and Family

Shauna fox and Family from Washington Caught two Sailfish 8 foot 80 lbs and 7 1/2 foot 70 lbs good fishing.


Our friend Dante from Monterrey fished in Escualo Fleet With his friends captured these two Beautiful Fish candles of 40 and 45 kgms

Excellent blue marlin on a Super Panga

Captain Jose Morales and deckhand Pedro got some good action this morning for our guests today. At approximately 10 am and beautiful blue marlin was hooked using a lure. The fish hit the fluorescent lure so hard that it was immediately hooked, the fight was close to an hour long and needless to say our guests were extremely happy.

Epic Blue Marlin

Epic day in the water with Captain Chavo and deckhand Carlos. The dynamic duo went aout about 18 miles offshore and started trolling some lures and dead mullet. The marlin hit one of the mullets and it was on. The fight lasted for about 50 minutes.


Excellent marlin for Dean Funk and his brother aboard the Blue Marlin with Captain Chavo.

Sailfish 80Lbs and mahi-mahi 25 Lbs

Excellent day of fishing with our friend Alberto Núñez, capture of Sailfish 80 Lbs and Dorado Mahi-mahi 25 Lbs.